Monday, January 11, 2010

(brader love) why do women love sweet words

When guy start questioning and complaining why women wants them to say nice words to them, there's the reason why??

People love sweet words, but women really love it as in hyper. may be God put it in their heart, cos women could be very difficult, and the only way they could sometimes be controlled is thru sweet words. But some men fail to use it, maybe it's pride, but wateva the case, say those sweet words to her, it softens their heart. The power is in your tongues, use it and leave pride.

Nothing in this world can match the power of words. Words can make or destroy whatever bid thing you have. In relationships, words are the key weapons that work best for a man. You can play around with the feelings of a woman simply by using the most appropriate words. Words that build. Sweet words every woman would love to hear. Blow her mind by saying the right words at the right time. A woman is a tender and vulnerable being with a lot of self consciousness. Sometimes or actually many times she does not feel surefooted. She needs reassurances now and then. It makes her feel good by stroking her the right way with good words off course. You will make her feel absolutely sensational and ensure that she does not leave your fold.


she-G said...

kalo org dah sweet tak payah guna ayat sweet dah awek sweet..tak gitu incek luca???tak berayat pun maintain sweet gak

BajuKurung said...

buku mne lak lu copy?

si buta warna said...

prmpuan mulut puaka pon ad org suka

nizamsani said...

wow.bahasa orang putih.

[ o k e d ] said...

encik bos..saya kagum

*mata bling2

Mommy Anyssa said...

alahh kalau dah syg. kentut pn bau wangi. tak gitu siti keti?

Luca De Ketiak said...

jgn marah kalo laki lu tak guna ayat2 sweet kat lu pasni..

ah lu! buku la tahzan gua bila lu nak pulangkan?

si buta,
perempuan suka mencarut pun ada orang suka. tak pelik.

wow jugak!

ik ik ik!

taik gigi rasa coklat..

Mommy Anyssa said...

gampang! nak ceom gosok gg dulu la setan. hahahahah

BajuKurung said...

luca : tajuk2 pun gua lom bace.. ape lg kandungannye.. ik ik ik.. gua lom abis bc buku gua hr tu.. sabor blh? sepak kang!